Sunday, October 3, 2010


yesterday i meet up with one of my NS friend in jj... he is from ayer tawar but currently in tanjung malim... sounds ulu to you??? oh well it does to me... kinda weird to see my NS friends especially guys cuz now they got hair~~ usually when we were back in camp they were all bald =X...

anyhow it was a nice meet up although it was a sudden one from out of a blue moon =)

after church today.. we had some evengelistic talk and after that some of us went to makan in momo cafe... eventually i only know it as in cafe as last time we dine there only once but now it change name again kinda confusing though... hahaha nvm la at least the food is nice... they really give you lots of cheese for their toast =)

nothing special happen actually.... gonna rest now and later im gonna start doing my very 1st assignment as fiona has already started with her.... awwwww im being pressured by her but is good also as im gonna aim finishing one b4 i fly =)
7 MORE DAYS~~~~~~~~~~

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