Thursday, October 21, 2010



last week i had an enjoyable trip to yunnan, china with my family... departed from KLIA on sunday morning at 9.30 am... as we were there super early why not just lay back and start wifi-ing in the airport =).. not forgetting i had a nice meal in delifrance in the airport while my dad had his free breakfast in the airport lounge~~~

flight got delayed actually but who cares cuz i was looking forward to the inflight meal... i had cheese omellete with sausage... mum said it taste so much more nicer than her shrimp nasi lemak... it was NICE!!!

i just love looking outside the window when im on board... i get to see cotton candy everywhere =)

the moment we touch down in kunming, we meet our local tour guide there called xiao chen... ahhh no pics although i did say that he is the most leng zai one among all the guides that we had... hahahaha check into the hotel rest for a while and touring around kunming starts... first stop would be ALUGU CAVE... in this cave, stalagmites, stone flowers, stone pillars, stone waterfalls can be seen

can u imagine that such cave took us till dinner time??? anyway did not take any pics right after that cuz it was pitch black... roads in kunming do not have any street lights at all and i really do salute the mini bus driver when he was driving showing off his pro-ness...
anyway something GG happen which i do not wanna say here... all i can say is that on my very first night in china.... i slept on the sofa =(
at that moment i seriously wanna come back to ipoh but it is only my first day so positive thinking play a huge role... well i did sleep soundly and i kinda like the sofa alot actually... day one has come to its end... till than~~~

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