Saturday, October 23, 2010



morning call at 7am, breakfast at 8am and departed for touring at 9am... wasnt in a very good mood for sure on my 2nd day in china... but i wont let it spoil my day and so as usual i dont normally eat breakfast but when my mum told me that this is nice and that is nice... FOODS MAKE MY DAY =)

had this huge bowl of noodles where you can DIY with whatever ingredients to put in... obviously i did not finish it but it was good... took some pics around the hotel we stayed.. it was actually some 5 star chalet thingy and it was beautiful

we visited the stone forest where it is one of China's remarkable natural phenoment with towering peak of bizarre shape of limestone soaring to the skies. in this place, you will be captivated by the immense beauty of the place which i did... hahaha climb lots of steps, walk through those limestones and man i love it

at the peak where you can see the whole thing and it was breathe-taking... scenery awesome too bad i do not have a DSLR to capture such wonderful scenery

after that was lunch where we are able to try one of their specialities... deep fried insects... whats nice about this restaurant that we dine in was that it resembles like a barn where grass were on the floor and we were given to sit on small cute chairs....something for a change from those fancy restaurants

i never tasted the best siu yuk in my entire life and this beats G KAM FONG in pasir puteh anytime =)

deep fried bee's and larva's... it tasted like crickets when i was in laos the previous time... anyway i ate that the most hahahaha high in protein ok

after that we visited some place where they sell "pu er cha" as everyone know i dont fancy chinese tea that much so i wasnt even interested and all i did was to act dumb and follow the group... they drink, i drink, they drink somemore, i drink somemore too... dad brought tea which cost 600 yuen which is rm300 here... *slaps forehead* but people say this "pu er cha" is a good investment in life as the older the tea is, it is more expensive when you decided to sell it away... one of the china sales girl told me that the most expensive "pu er cha" being sold was 15 million yuen and that is like what rm7.5 million here =O
dinner at some restaurant and man the food was good despite of it being oily... i rate my dad a 0 for bad photography skills when he was given the camera =/
went to another hotel to stay this time and u wanna know something the hotel is surrounded with many shopping malls and streets with lots of goodies... too bad mum was sick so we only went to the pharmacy opposite the hotel... bah!!! anyway tat's all for day 2 =)

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