Saturday, October 2, 2010


i got nothing much to say currently... new month... new semester... new assignments... BUSY BUSY BUSY BUSY~~~ but *potong stim abit* same people... same situation... same problem... sigh~~~ i really need a new life... seriously new life =(
8 more days till i fly far far away and 3 more months where i leave this place as well as its memories... but to bare in mind i might see the same people again *which i dont really wanna see* oh well~~~ what to do this is what you call life right???
pretty much down lately thanks to people around... nuffsaid for this... oh well going back where i belong where just staying at home and be an outcast suits me the most... go here as well as there alone and enjoy some peace without being triggered...
anyway off to bed... ASSIGNMENTS need to be done before i fly

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