Tuesday, November 2, 2010


LIJIANG to "the lost hirozon" shangri-la a dream destination - ZHONGDIAN

morning call at 6am, breakfast at 7am and departure to Zhongdian at 8am... on our way to Zhongdian which took us 4 hours, we stop at the Jinshajiang River in order to view the first corner river bank of the Yangtze River... according to the guide we cant really see unless we sat on a helicopter to view the turning of the river... there were some markets selling lots of weird stuffs from dried hanging chillis, huge bananas and many more...

went back to the coach and continue our journey to the lost horizon Shangri-la... on the way i took this picture and i did not know it would come out nice as the coach was moving fast~~ yeah we are getting higher from the grounds to the mountain area =) advantage: nice view of everything, disadvantage: higher altitude lower oxygen level which leads to sickness such as breathing difficulty and headache... thank God i did not suffered any of those sickness

toilet stop with wonderful view of the village below.. in that very same stop shopping started by buying wild berries to eat and nuts...

upon reaching our destination, we had lunch in a restaurant and immediately we checked-in into the most decent hotel in Shangri-la with only 4 stars.. but look at my room.... its so spacious and it feels so homey =)... i can literally dumped my luggages and walk/jump/run around the room just to KAM FEI~~

after giving us of half an hour to rest... we headed off to i dont know where for SHOPPING!! loving that word whenever i get to write it down.... it was super cold in Shangri-la as its temperature had a sudden dropped.. the place was wonderful... if i had the chance i would return there again.. i would =) saw lots of dogs there and i could not resist to take pics with them... not only that it was my very first time whacking BBQ lamb meat in china... yummy!!!

dinner was after that and we had options to go for a night cultural dance which cost 150 yuen per person or you prefer to stay in the room and relax... my parents allowed me to enjoy myself alone and so i went for the night cultural dance while they rest as my mum wasnt feeling good due to the altitude problem... we had to booked in order to watched the dance and so we managed to get the first row which was AWESOME =)

as guests we were served 3 types of drinks, one of them is butter tea, barley wine and green tea... im a very adventurous girl and so i tried all.. end result -YUCKS!!! i sticked back with mineral water after trying those drinks.. besides that, we were even given snacks such as sour cheese and nuts or beans.. i only like the cheese =D

movie started and i was amazed that they can sing well.... performers was nice as we get to see many different type of costumes throughout the entire show... i had one purpose and the only purpose was to spot leng zai's... LOL i managed to find one and man he is super duper cute =)... i even had the chance to dance on stage with kelly our malaysian tour guide... due to that we are high up in the mountains.. we get tired fast and started to pant heavily.. performance continued after that

spotted my leng zai and hence i started to take lots of his close up pic... ngeh ngeh ngeh remember i had this white scarf around my neck??? it was for people whom you think they did a good job in the show or in another meaning whom you like la... it was obvious that i gave mine to him *points points* and what was great he is a tibetan!!!!!! sigh~~~ he dont even remember me at all and i can is by looking at him through the pictures i took... damn i sound so lifeless hahahaha

went back to the hotel right after that and it was rest time for me... that's all for that night =) STAY TUNE FOR MORE~~~


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