Monday, November 15, 2010



morning call at 6am, breakfast at 7am and touring starts at 8am... it was indeed a very cold morning in Shangri-La and i was shivering like mad.. anyway we were at the district of "Di Qing" which is known as the Zhang race in Yunnan Province. Zhongdian is famous with its cold weather all year round with wide grassland, thicked jungle, fresh air and its nature scenery. sounds like camerons right?? but its more awesome than camerons =)

we headed of to Blue Moon Valley which is located at the southwest of Shangri-La and 7km from there, we visited the Stone Card Mountain where we all took the cable car up from an elevation of 3270m of Napa Meadow which is more than 4000m above ea level to the top of the hill!!!!! from there we are able to see the Meili Snow Mountain, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and other natural landscapes around in Shangri-La

mum and dad with our local tour guide nancy... my dad looked like some terrorist =X

halfway of our cable car ride, we stop at the middle level of the mountain where some needed toilet break and as for me i start camwhoring like i always do... everywhere was super misty and i even saw yak pupu there hahaha ok this is not cool~~~ oh when i start talking, im like smoking =)

when we reach to the top of the Stone Card Mountain, i could not resist to show my happyness by jumping~~~ as i had said in the previous post, the higher you are, the harder is it to actually breathe but in my case i wasnt even low in oxygen =)

i did climbed 4500m above sea level~~~~~~

me and kelly =).. she is like my sister throughout the entire trip which i enjoyed her acompany alot =)... stopped by at the side of the road just to take pictures of wild sheeps... yeap u heared me right is SHEEPS!!!!!! lol

after that was lunch~~~ it was our goodbye to nancy as well...

after lunch, it was our 4 hour ride back to Lijiang... slept throughout the journey as i was super tired... but in between i was munching on china sweet pear given by aunty mei yuk from KL... she was indeed a friendly aunty whom treat me throughout the entire trip as well from the BBQ lamb meat to the yak BBQ meat to fruits like pears, peaches and dates and not forgetting yak yogurt drink =D
we had dinner in Lijiang with special steamboat =) and other dishes as well NGOM NGOM NGOM NGOM~~~

anyway end of day six in China and im ubberly sorry with the late update... very busy lately and stay tune =)~~~ im going off to spore and i will definately try my best to update when im there

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