Wednesday, November 24, 2010


a little break from cina-land posts where i shall update on where am i now and what im doing currently~~~ im on my self vacation again in singapore which i always do when i feel that i need a break from everything... so nice right??? well not gonna argue much but i definately feel is a big YES about the nice thing =)

went to the science centre with aaron and eeyin.. never thought of going to a singapore science centre when im no longer a school girl... but i gotta say this that KLCC is way much more better than this... no harm bringing your young ones there cuz they will surely be overwhelmed with everything... entrance fee is only $15 including imax entrance...

the most random shot which i love most... i just love clicking pictures where ever i am...

what amazed me the most would be the fire tornado demo which i thought flames will be way much more bigger than this... oh well too high expectations will lead to dissapointments and so never do that people.... imax was errrrrrr~~~ ok honestly throughout a 40 minutes movie i slept for at least 15 minutes out of it... is not my type even a small popcorn b4 that does not help at all

meet with eeyin's housemate/colleague/friend from hong kong name cyrus... very friendly as a first impression =)... was actually kinda shocked when eeyin told me he wanted to meet up with me where i do not even know him at all... oh well is good to know someone all the way from hong kong and let him know how sucky i am in canto... ok they laugh at my "jau yum" canto during that dinner night in just acia =/

what i love most is going out shopping with my mum... i know how much she loates about it when im the one buying most of the time... but hey spending time with her is what i treasure most... laughing and going into one fitting room is the good old days... ok i gotta admit that im into cotton on so badly that i wish that everything is mine~~~ =)
lunch with mum in swensens and i tell u is buy one free one meal... so peeps i know u all must be thinking what happen to me when i wanna kam fei??? ahhhhhh screwed that for a while hahahaha!!! im on holiday!!!!!!!

will update more when im not shopping... have been walking alot lately and i enjoy it only when im in singapore... you dont aspect me to do this back in malaysia... hahahaha bye peeps!!!! =)

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