Thursday, December 2, 2010



continue from my previous post about China... as usual morning call at 6am, breakfast at 7am and touring starts at 8am... it has been so routined that im actually immuned by waking up super early =)... we started by enjoying the spectacular view from the Yulong Mountain where precipitious scenery attractive and rich in flora awaits us. its towering peaks are covered with snow all year round which was breathe-taking~~~ i love taking pics of flower and i did not know it came out nice =) it was really cold that day

this what you called YAK.. some kind of mixture of cow and i don know what... but its meat is so tender when being eaten... thanks to aunty mei yuk who kept on buying snacks for me and i would not know how YAK meat tasted like~~~ scenery was extremely wonderful

right after that we were on the rush to get good seats to watch the impression lijiang show which is open air... what was nice is that it was directed by the director of beijing olympics zhang yi mou... everything was so nice and what amazed me was those minorities does not need a mic to sing... they can really project their voice strongly... on our way there i did the most unforgettable move which was opening the window from the back of the coach and take one last shot of the Yulong Mountain... and the results TADAH!!!

right after the show we ate lunch and continue our touring to the Jade Water Village... Jade Water Village is a traditional tressure land of the Naxi people and it is also one of Naxi culture resources. the supernatural spring water, blue and green flow of water straight from the mountain

make a wish by writting on some special plate and hang it yourself... many people had done it which makes the entire place unique... kelly jie jie made one and one of the Naxi people would help her translate in their language which was so cool.... too bad i do not know how to write chinese... i wonder what happen if i wrote it in english and look at their faces when they are about to help me translate them

at this place is where i had my last BBQ yak meat and also yak yogurt.. i know i know FAT!!! =P after that was scenery watching in the village as well but in order to travel from one place to another... me must purchase tickets from the counter to use their transportation provided... first stop was the Chu Long waterfall.

and then the Xi Long waterfall

lastly the Song Long waterfall

all these three waterfalls are the result of the Three-Tier Water which are the important symbols for the minority of Naxi... as time is running out we headed to our last destination which is some park where i could not recall the name of it... nothing much but it has many chinese translating to english error boards which i laugh non stop... i know im mean but its really funny...

had some special dinner as everyone was in the mood to have salmon... yeah you got me right... we actually told the local guide to bring us to some restaurant which specially serves good salmon fish... eventually we brought another salmon which cost 320 yuen... the guys which consists of my dad, uncle albert, uncle nick and uncle wong treated everyone for that meal.... we even had salmon steamboat NGOM NGOM NGOM NGOM!!!!!!

deep fried salmon bones and skins as well as sashimi!!!!!!!!!

bid our final farewell to our local guide in the newly build Lijiang Airport.. yeap we took a domestic flight back to Kunming... we even bid our farewell to the safe coach driver... he is one cool guy i tell you... hahahaha he even joked with me and i actually did laugh like mad... gave him some extra cash and boy he is some lucky dude whom got us as customers... cuz the red packet he received was like CNY to him with big big notes in it =)

our flight delayed and so we were stranded in the airport for quite some time and we reached Kunming around 2 something... gosh did some last minute packing before i could sleep...

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