Friday, December 10, 2010



morning call this time is a little bit different where we are allow to wake up at 9.00am, breakfast at 10.00am and seems is our last day we wont be going anywhere besides the airport... but its a custom that the tour guide must take us to some place so that they are able to get commission when we purchase items in wherever they took us... same old same old silf factory which i still remember i went one in suzhou on the way to shanghai in 2004... nothing much special but just to amazed everyone... the artwork that i posted looks like its being drawn using a brush right????

nah!!!!!! it was all being hand made or should i said hand sewed by using those silk thread.... my goodness if i were that lady... i might just get crazy and ended up in tanjung rambutan for sewing more than 9 hours a day~~~ CRAZY RIGHT??? but all these art work are not cheap man...

after listening and watching all the demostration how silk was produce~~ it was off for some last minute shopping and yes my mum was like thinking hmmm i still got money lets spend them all... and yes she did!! she got my brother and brother-in-law some samfu outfit and also some souviners for the neighbours... and as for me well mis-using the mirror again to camwhore =)
after that was lunch in some beautiful restaurant where you can see how clean and well dressed chefs cooking in the kitchen.... but it was kinda a quick lunch as we were rushing to proceed to the airport for our flight... once aboard i was like wow im finally going back to malaysia and i get to see cashie my fat dog... LOL

no matter where am i~~~ i just love taking pictures and here it goes~~~ me and kelly sat together and we actually talked throughout the entire journey back for more than 3 hours of flight.... hahahaha we even took many pictures onboard =)

landed in KLIA in the evening at 6pm... had our duty free shopping as well as bid farewell to everyone whom were on the same trip with us... long boy gor gor came to pick us up from the airport and its obvious that i will miss kelly the most... had lots of fun with her throughout my entire trip... we made a promise to keep in touch regardless of how busy is she travelling around as a tour guide and me going around just for fun... hahaha thank God for MSN, FB and SKYPE!!
the end of my china post has ended... stay tune for more updates =)

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