Wednesday, December 1, 2010


the other day mum finished work quite early compare to her usual 12am reach home time... so i meet up with her in orchard for dinner but due to heavy rain i was late and im sorry to let mum waited for me... anyway dinner at ION MALL and the 1st thing that caught my attention was TAKOYAKI!!! now i find this way much more nicer than the one selling in takashimaya.... couldnt helped it to take my eyes off them =)

went home quite late but i enjoyed alot having to spend time with mum... the next day as everyone was away working... i went out with abang~~~ GG stuff happened where abang got locked in his own apartment and so i played the waiting game in northpoint... tried the 3rd flavour for christmas which ipoh does not have and it was called dark cherry mocha... it tasted like vodka hahahah and till now i still prefer my peppermint mocha =)

as i never get to go bugis the previous night... thanks to abang we went there... nothing much though and i thought there are lots of stuffs for me to buy... sad to say there is none so we ended up in mcd enjoying our ice cream and hey it rain heavily D=... went back to eeyin's place b4 dinner... took a short nap there but when i got up i had this headache which i cant explain...

dinner was at phin's steakhouse in bugis... nothing special just ok despite of me having headache but i was still fine

as i said the night was still young and i wanted to hang out somemore and so we cant decide where as it was still raining... took the mrt and traveled around aimlessly and finally we ended up in little india... hahahah but that time my headache got worst but i just pretended i was fine till it hit me on my way back home =(

woke up feeling sicky but i still need to pack as it was my last day in SG... awww heavy hearted to leave my 2nd home and georgie my dog does not even want me to leave =(

anyway im back in ipoh and i just finish my finals for my last semester... feeling great but i went through my finals with fever =/... december is here and christmas is just around the corner... great news i got accepted for my training in penang... im on the move again LOL~~~ btw i saw this 2 items i like and i really want them as a gift for christmas... its nice =)

this bag cost rm65 while the top cost rm35~~~

i know i know~~~ i ask too much LOL =)

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