Friday, January 14, 2011


after being in penang for 2 weeks.. im starting to feel a little bit of my comfort zone eventhough im trying hard to settle in despite of knowing it is no longer where i belong and that is IPOH... meet many friends and they are really friendly... on the other day me and my new found friends headed over to the beach to relax as non of us have to work due to the orientation which lasted for 2 days... hahaha how i wish it was orientation everyday so i dont have to work..

the beach was awesome but the sand was hmmmm very rough... it was evening and it was just perfect for those who dont wish to get super tan like me =) love the sunset feel... the guys were on jetskis while us girls were walking around and taking pictures

went out with winson to have dinner and at the same time to celebrate my be early birthday... CHICAGO RIB HOUSE!!!!!!! ngom ngom ngom =) had yum cha session 2 days in a row with winson as the very next day was my off day... this time we meet up with arvin and hey penang people are freaking scary when they start asking in hokkien~~~

banquet service for 2 days in a row as well and currently my muscles are aching like mad... funny that i was suppose to go SMC *spice market cafe* but the manager decided to place me in banquet instead and so now im stuck with banquet for 2 months plus... sadistic or happy??? hmmm mine is so so only... im enjoying alot if i dont think of the pain im going through now than it will be fine =)

3 more weeks till i return home for CNY... i think cuz i wont be around on the 1st day as well as 2nd day of CNY as im working... sigh loathe such feeling but anyhow im still coming back =)

Sunday, January 2, 2011


its already 2011.. hmmmm im not that excited though... currently only one word can describe my feelings and that is


nothing much has being going on besides missing my comfort zone back in ipoh... currently im in penang the pearl of the oriental... well i made such decision and so i must go through it... am i gonna regret??? am i gonna stop halfway and say i cant take it??? i really dont know

well not a great way to start my new year with such emo post... i really miss mummy alot as i dont even get to see her at all b4 coming to this place... not only that, i thought im gonna finish on the 1st of june.... GG its end of june =(

im waiting for winson's arrival as well as arvin's arrival back in penang... maybe with that as least i can feel my comfort zone a little with people im close with and who can guide my walk with God... i think that's it... maybe i might update less nowadays compared to the previous posts...

back to my sadistic mode as ever