Wednesday, February 23, 2011


im back in ipoh again and this time i drove back all by myself right after work... thought that i will get lost in little penang island but noh noh the signboards are so helpful =)

there's a wedding event held at the garden's in rasa sayang on saturday... everything was beautiful... i feel in love with the decorations and was dreaming of having my wedding in rasa sayang.. but obvious not in the gardens as it will be ubberly warm~~~ was assigned to helped for banquet that very day but the managers in SMC called me back as they got not enough helper or should i say SLAVE~~~ mad busy that very night =/

oh well i could feel my legs breaking after work but i cant complain much cuz i need to work the same thing everyday which leads me "i dont understand the meaning of tired anymore" oh well at least im back in my lovely home relaxing and enjoying my time with mummy and speaking of that CASHIE!!!!!!!!!

i just love my doggie to the max~~~~

mummy spoiled me today as she knows i love shopping alot... she brought me rm300+ of clothings and rm200+ of korean junks~~~ deeply in love with my mumzie to the max... and to reply her love im gonna take her out for lunch 2 moro where im gonna pay with the money i earned back form working OT in rasa sayang~~~ realise one thing that i really need to be hardworking in order to get money seems im training there without any allowence =X

anyhow i will be in ipoh for 2 days before going back to penang~~~ im gonna spend my time wisely and rest alot b4 facing the war =)

i miss u alot

do u miss me?

do hold me when i fall

Sunday, February 13, 2011


my birthday pressie from abang!!!!!!! thank you very much abang!!!! its the limited edition starbucks tumbler =) im loving it and definately use it whenever im in starbucks

im currently back in ipoh for 4 days.... but ernie called me to inform me that tuesday is my off day and so im only heading back to penang on tuesday itself which makes me 5 days back in ipoh~~~ ahhhh im enjoying it to the max

eat eat eat eat eat non stop hahaha anyway i still havent get my pork marathon~~~~~

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


every pictures has a story
mine will be~~~

Monday, February 7, 2011


a month plus in penang has many ups and downs for me... but i endure them with much patience as well as a positive mind set... never thought that i am able to survive in penang for this long... was a little bit tensed up the week before this as the occupancy rate was extremely high... people kept on walking in and out from the cafe non stop which makes me kinda stressed up into serving each and everyone of them...

thank God that im working from 7am-3pm.. which means i can head to the beach in the evening and relax to chill... what made me kinda sad is the fact that most of my friends were able to go home during CNY and i cant... i loate that feeling alot where jealousy stirkes me non stop but i kept on reminding myself that hey soon will be my turn to return home so pls be patience =)

CNY for me was so so where i did not have my reunion dinner.. no visitation.. no talking with love oness but i did receive few red packets from managers as well as guests... one thing good working in the F&B department is that you are able to receive money.. hahahaha~~~ *muka mau duit $$$$* gonna work from 4pm-12am this few days... hopefully not so tensed up like the past few days

missing you like mad