Tuesday, May 3, 2011


the writter is not dead.. she is alive and still hanging on despite of busy working and going here and there in penang island... oh well since im back and honestly i do not know what to blog about as im having the writter's block.. sue me cause i have been not updating this blog of mine for a month plus?? oh well i have been caught in the middle and trying to move out of it in deep struggles

penang oh penang~~ what have i been doing in penang nowadays??? just to update a little im currently in the recreation department where i go walking around the hotel talking with guests and tanning myself under the hot sun... not suprise that im tan now compared to my lovely fair skin.. i still miss my fair skin though.. im in charged of taking care the golf course in rasa sayang =)

yeap this is my uniform.. actually im suppose to wear the white shirt and a red pants but due to lack of those i can wear this... anyhow is still the same cuz is still says im in the recreation department.. well thats about it about my job and what im currently doing...

i have been spending alot lately as well in penang on foods, movies, karaoke sessions and just plain yum cha session.. not forgetting i did some shopping as well secretly =X spending time with my new friends in penang was one thing that i love... regardless of how tired we were.. nothing stops us from doing this we like to release some tension

straits quay is a place where i found peace and where i realise one thing that is a place for dating.. no is true!!! i was there with someone unfortunely im not on a date =) but thanks to this someone he had brought me around penang and it open up my eyes to see that penang is a nice place afterall..

the night view of penang from 1st avenue was breathe taking and im starting to fall in love with this place regardless of how early everything closes.. i found my true love of cotton on the 1st avenue =)... up in high buildings or by the seaside~~~ thanks to him im loving penang more than before

not only that this someone even took me to many makan places in penang and thanks to him im starting to feel fat.. yeah i think i gained weight like alot =(..another 58 more days i will be in this lovely place.. will i return?? i wonder~~~~

im starting to fall for you

pls stop treating me so good =(