Monday, June 13, 2011


every fairy tale has its happy ending where one would say happily ever after when a prince finds his true love... it was indeed a happy ending for both my brother and sister in christ as they tied the knot after a year of waiting... wow time really does pass fast and walah mr and mrs chee =)

glad that i was back to help out for the wedding regardless of how tired i was but everything was perfect and wonderful... not only that the whole chang jiang gang reunites and once again never failed to indulged ourselves with the famous white coffee as well as fellowshiping with one another... pictures says a thousands words as my friend joy is the most beautiful bride on her big day... not forgetting winson is one handsome groom as we all know he never wore something so smart before LOL~~

oh well this really proves the theory when people keep on telling me that ipoh girls are leng lui's as joy made it real... =)

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! to both winson and joy and may God bless both of you =)

only few pictures here as more are in FB~~ =)

will try to blog more as i only have 2 weeks or less till end of june... hahaha cant wait to be back in ipoh and be a princess again and start travelling for the next 6 months... singapore and kuching im coming =D