Thursday, August 25, 2011


everything happens for a reason whether you like it or not.. as time goes by you are able to see the ugly side of your family without realising hey its your own family.. i choose not to take any side nor choose to point any fingers at as i know it already happen and you cant turn back time just to mend everything or to control it in order to stop it from happening

my aunt passed away in england and there had been many unwanted things happen which i do not wanna describe.. i understand how it feels to lose someone as i lost my grandma a couple of years back.. i was sad back then.. knowing my aunt left us as well it did hit me as 1st but sooner or later im fine with it

people come and go in our life~~ later in life we ourselve will leave this world too depending on when and how.. anyhow life keeps on going when bad things happen... i was so eager to see my mum once again this weekend but now everything is gone like a speck of dust being blown by the wind..

i always keep on hoping with fingers cross but now all i can say is disappoinment that runs through me.. sorry for such post will resume with my travelling post as soon as i get back my rythem

Monday, August 15, 2011


i have been travelling around lately which means more updates but less time anyhow did i catch you readers for new updates??? LOL

heading to bed now as i just return from my awesome weekend in penang while before that i was in spore for a month plus.. yeah as you can see i have TONS of stuffs to update is just that depending on my mood to write or not as well as time

anyway a big shoutout to


hope to see u soon and i miss you alot :)

p/s: tomorrow will be lost world with my girlfriends.. another round of catching up and more talks...

smile and everything will be fine :)

Saturday, August 6, 2011


woke up early in the morning for more touring around penang~~ this time i was out with poh ting and ah loon... i miss poh ting so much that i cannot stop hanging out with her.. oh well ah loon was there to be the tour guide.. hahahaha sat in his car and off we cabut heading towards teluk bahang~~ it is always a must to have some pics in the car :)

tour of the day starts off with penang butterfly farm in teluk bahang~~ was asked to show my IC just to identify whether i am a malaysian~~ arent i look like a malaysian??? nevermind anyway its way much more nicer than those in cameron highlands.. according to ah loon the butterflies here are all leng lui's and leng zai's that is what make it so attractive jek~~

more pics are in FB~~ lazy to upload here.. oh well butterfly farm is more for those who loves nature.. i do love nature just was there to look what is the difference between penang butterfly farm and cameron's butterfly farm... after that was off to gurney for dinner and movie.. eventhough it was just the three of us it was more fun than we expected

after movie i rushed back for my drinking session with the guys whom i always hang out with.. this time location i choose and it is OVERTIME just next to coffee island my "lou dei fong" :) eventhough it was nearing 12am for me the night was still young and hence we continue drinking till 3am and after that was mcd b4 my great ugly suprise

anyway my morning ended with me being splash with so called holy water in the middle of the road.. i do not wanna describe what was in the water as far as i can say is mostly beer.. it was not fun at all but anyway my last night in penang and hey it did not end just like that :)

stay tune for more folks~~ currently busy packing and im on the move again