Thursday, August 25, 2011


everything happens for a reason whether you like it or not.. as time goes by you are able to see the ugly side of your family without realising hey its your own family.. i choose not to take any side nor choose to point any fingers at as i know it already happen and you cant turn back time just to mend everything or to control it in order to stop it from happening

my aunt passed away in england and there had been many unwanted things happen which i do not wanna describe.. i understand how it feels to lose someone as i lost my grandma a couple of years back.. i was sad back then.. knowing my aunt left us as well it did hit me as 1st but sooner or later im fine with it

people come and go in our life~~ later in life we ourselve will leave this world too depending on when and how.. anyhow life keeps on going when bad things happen... i was so eager to see my mum once again this weekend but now everything is gone like a speck of dust being blown by the wind..

i always keep on hoping with fingers cross but now all i can say is disappoinment that runs through me.. sorry for such post will resume with my travelling post as soon as i get back my rythem

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