Saturday, September 17, 2011


hi there.. writer is back!! she is still on writers block and just to kill you readers a month trip fit into one post.. im starting to get super duper lazy on updating my blog cuz im travelling too much that i dont even have time to blog about them~~ one more thing so many things to do but so little time

being in singapore for a month was kinda enjoying as i love shopping as well as eating.. not forgetting meeting up with people whom i have not seen for quite some time.. from school mates, NS friend, overseas friends and to rasa sayang trainees as well as permenant staffs

pictures speaks a thousand words

my days of shopping never come to an end as i was cotton on hopping from one mall to another~~ and i was high on KOI bubble tea whenever i get the chance to be in AMK.. oh well basically im just enjoying every single day like there is no ending...

i think my post is a little dull cuz im really not in the mood to blog.. hehehe gonna go for a jog now :) BYEZ

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