Sunday, October 16, 2011


it has been nearing to 2 weeks of my experience in STARBUCKS and man enjoying to the max... learning alot each day and i didnt know im such a fast learner.. great people along the way although there are some stuffs you will be bound to encounter when you are working.. oh well but after every busy period we still have time to be crazy :D

weekends are always high in customer rate and so there will be speedo of job that will occured... haha i experienced it back in rasa and so i can do it in starbucks... my partners for the weekend where we all pakat to wear shorts while working LOL...

i will be heading to penang tomorrow with lukeman and puven for our training... another trip to be made and yet i still do not have my travelling mode on till november.. i will be flying on the plane to the land call meow meow land :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011



anyway im too busy with work and also degree

but i have time for CHATIME!!! :P