Tuesday, May 8, 2012


blogger is on hiatus as she has been busy with work, studies and travelling frequently~~~
sorry for no updates at all :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


work up early as we had problems with our apartment and so we all decided to change hotels~~ just right opposite was Pullman hotel and resort and hence we manage to get rooms last minute.. the plan was to go cultural village after fetching winson and joy form the airport.. due to the delay and all we just stay in city

morning view from Ariva was nice

couldnt wait longer once checked-in into Pullman we were off to have our tummies fill~~ while walking in Chinatown we saw HUGE banana's~~~

we manage to find this nice Philippines cuisine along the road and hence the feast starts.. i ordered some chicken dish with a glass of pink guava juice

other dishes that we ordered~~ DONT DROLL :)

huge prok knuckle which was split into 2

not forgetting PORK SATAY

basically everything that we had was all PORK~~ oink oink oink oink... went back to the hotel to get some rest before the night dinner... our hotel was so nice even the room was awesome... there was some conference organized by HOPE church and juwita was there.. dinner at the heritage restaurant but we did not had our tummies full and so we went yum cha~~

did i mention below our hotel was THE HILL'S SHOPPING MALL??? hahahha we went fullhouse really nice and cute everything inside

right after yum cha me, aaron, eeyin and winson went off to explore with our tastebuds at 11pm... LOK LOK was our choice... drove around kuching and we manage to come across this lok lok stall and man it was expensive.. RM1.50 per stick.. back in ipoh is like what?? 50 cents???

we dont care whacking was what we did seems we were all on holiday :)

hence, end of day 2 STAY TUNE FOR MORE :)

Thursday, December 15, 2011


i was so excited to have holidays for at least a week where i can just dumped my job and studies for RELAXATION and man it was worth it.. left Ipoh at 4am in the morning to LCCT for my flight at 9.45am to Kuching. once landed in kuching international airport meet up with aaron and eeyin for car rental so that we are able to go around kuching town for sight seeing... EXORA came to the rescue and hence we went to our service apartment ariva gateway... hmmm service was kinda bad but lets just see how it goes...

checked-in and dumped our luggages in the room and off we went for lunch... KOLO MEE was Kuching specialty and not forgetting the three layered tea :) it was awesome and we were craving for more KOLO MEE

everywhere were cats and what i found out was their roundabout is so huge that playing football is not a challenge

our driver and co-driver :D

went to THE SPRING for shopping and we manage to purchase night movie tickets for breaking dawn hohohoh and than it was dinner at THE HILLS Shopping Mall which was just opposite where we were staying.. dont go to that shop cuz the food was horrible

after dinner we had time and so we went to Waterfront where is one of kuching tourist spot... it was nice and we did lots of picture taking :)

we still had more time and so starbucky at THE SPRING... could not stop going sbux wherever i am rite???

thats it and so end of day one :) stay tune for more

Sunday, October 16, 2011


it has been nearing to 2 weeks of my experience in STARBUCKS and man enjoying to the max... learning alot each day and i didnt know im such a fast learner.. great people along the way although there are some stuffs you will be bound to encounter when you are working.. oh well but after every busy period we still have time to be crazy :D

weekends are always high in customer rate and so there will be speedo of job that will occured... haha i experienced it back in rasa and so i can do it in starbucks... my partners for the weekend where we all pakat to wear shorts while working LOL...

i will be heading to penang tomorrow with lukeman and puven for our training... another trip to be made and yet i still do not have my travelling mode on till november.. i will be flying on the plane to the land call meow meow land :)

Saturday, October 8, 2011



anyway im too busy with work and also degree

but i have time for CHATIME!!! :P

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


belated birthday to rachel and i just realised i do not have a proper picture with you among all the dwarves as well as jenny~~ hmmmm but anyhow im blessed to have such lovely women like you as a friend since high school and hey i cant wait to see u in november~~ JOHOR is making u more prettier~~~~

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOANIE/BONIE~~~ you too another blessed friend that i have :) eventhough both of you are younger than me and some of the dwarves but you were the ones that made me and the rest more youthful <3

missing you guys badly and pls do come back and pay this women a visit more~~ hahaha she will be only here for another year and after that she will be super hard to get when she starts her life away in a land where merlion starts ROARING~~ hahahha


Saturday, September 17, 2011


hi there.. writer is back!! she is still on writers block and just to kill you readers a month trip fit into one post.. im starting to get super duper lazy on updating my blog cuz im travelling too much that i dont even have time to blog about them~~ one more thing so many things to do but so little time

being in singapore for a month was kinda enjoying as i love shopping as well as eating.. not forgetting meeting up with people whom i have not seen for quite some time.. from school mates, NS friend, overseas friends and to rasa sayang trainees as well as permenant staffs

pictures speaks a thousand words

my days of shopping never come to an end as i was cotton on hopping from one mall to another~~ and i was high on KOI bubble tea whenever i get the chance to be in AMK.. oh well basically im just enjoying every single day like there is no ending...

i think my post is a little dull cuz im really not in the mood to blog.. hehehe gonna go for a jog now :) BYEZ